Focal Beads Wholesale

Focal Beads Wholesale & Custom

MOQ 100pcs Per Color at Wholesales Prices

Passed Safety Product Testing And Certification

Customized LOGO,Size, Shape and Colors

Fast Delivery at 15 days with One-Stop Shipping Solution

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silicone focal beads

Melikey Focal Beads Wholesale

As a top silicone focal beads wholesale supplier in China, our factory provides a variety of wholesale service, aiming to meet customers' needs and provide the best purchasing experience.

Variety of focus bead options

Our factory has an extensive product line of silicone focus beads, including beads of various shapes, sizes, colors and textures. Customers can choose suitable focal beads according to their project needs and creative requirements.

High quality and reliability

Our factory focuses on product quality and reliability. We use high-quality food-grade silicone materials and go through strict quality control procedures to ensure that products meet international standards and safety requirements.

Competitive prices

As a wholesaler, our factory is able to offer attractive wholesale prices to our customers. We strive to reduce costs and turn this advantage into a price advantage.

Flexible order quantity and supply capacity

Whether customers need large wholesale orders or small batch orders, our factory can meet their needs. We have strong supply capacity and flexible production scheduling to adapt to customers of different sizes and needs

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Don’t you find what you are looking for?

Looking for the perfect partner for unique custom silicone focus beads? No longer limited to off-the-shelf options on the market! We lead the way in custom designs and the possibilities are endless.

Let us be your creative partner to create something unique together. Contact us now to learn more about custom silicone focus beads. We look forward to working with you to realize endless creative possibilities for you!

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Melikey: A Leading Focal Beads Manufacturer In China

Our factory has the following advantages and services in customizing silicone focus beads:

Custom design

We can customize silicone focus beads in different shapes, colors and textures according to customers' requirements to meet their unique design needs.


High quality material

We use high-quality silicone material and go through strict quality control to ensure that the focus beads are of superior quality, durability and safety.


Quick Response and Communication

We have a professional team that can quickly respond to customer needs and provide timely communication and support to ensure the smooth progress of the customization process.


Customized Solutions

We work with our clients to understand their project needs and budgetary constraints, providing individualized solutions to best meet their requirements.
Icosahedron Beads

Size And Shape

Customize the appropriate size and shape for you according to the bead usage you need


Color Selection

Pick from Pantone Colors and customize to best suit your preferences.

printed beads

Add Printing/Engraving

Add a custom pattern or logo to personalize your silicone beads to make them truly unique

Cooperation Process

Send inquiry and design

Please tell us which kind of beads you are interested in, and tell the size, color and quantity.

View quotes and solutions

We will provide accurate quotation according to your unique needs as soon as possible

Production samples

After confirming all the details, we will start to make samples and get ready within 5-7 days.

Mass production

We handle the production process with care, ensuring that every link is professionally managed. We promise perfect quality and prompt delivery.

Certificates For Silicone Beads

Silicone Beads Certificates: ISO9001,CE,EN71,FDA,BPA FREE ......

Silicone Beads Certificates
Silicone Beads Certificates1
Silicone Beads Certificates2
Silicone Beads Certificates3

What we can offer you…

Best Quality

We have rich experience in the manufacture, design and application of silicone beads, and served more than 100 customers from worldwide.

Competitive Price

Cheap price for silicone letter beads, silicone teething beads, and round silicone beads.


We provide 3-5 years guarantees policy. And all cost for silicone beads will be on our account if there is any quality issue caused by us within guarantee periods.


We have best shipping forwarder, available to do Shipping by Air, Express, Sea, and even door to door service.

FAQ For Custom & Wholesale Silicone Focal Beads

What are Silicone Focus Beads?

Silicone focus beads are beads made of high-quality silicone material, commonly used in craft making, jewelry design, and DIY projects.

What are the characteristics of silicone focus beads?

Silicone focus beads are durable, soft, moldable and non-toxic. They are resistant to abrasion, temperature changes and chemical influences.

What craft projects are silicone focal point beads good for?

Silicone focus beads are suitable for making necklaces, bracelets, earrings, keychains, handicrafts, baby bite beads and a variety of creative craft projects.

Are the silicone focus beads available in a variety of colors and shapes?

Yes, silicone focus beads are available in a wide selection of colors and shapes, including round, square, heart, star and many other styles.


Are Silicone Focus Beads Safe and Harmless?

Yes, we use certified non-toxic silicone material to make focus beads, which meets safety standards and undergoes strict quality control.

Can silicone focus beads be used for baby bite beads?

Yes, silicone focus beads are great for making baby bite beads because they are soft, bite-resistant, and non-toxic.

Are silicone focus beads easy to clean?

Yes, the silicone focus beads are very easy to clean, you just need to wipe gently with warm water and soap

Are samples available? How to get a sample?

Yes, we provide samples. You can provide the specifications and requirements of the sample by contacting us, and we will arrange the sample delivery for you.

How to customize silicone focus beads?

You can contact us with your requirements such as color, shape, size and quantity, and we will provide you with a personalized

How long is the production lead time for custom silicone focus beads?

The production lead time for custom silicone focus beads depends on the order quantity and complexity. Generally, we try our best to shorten the production cycle and ensure on-time delivery.