Important Information and Policies

Color Changes

Colors will look different on different screens, so if a color looks a little different on your computer, try it on your phone, and vice versa. The production time of each batch of products is different, and some products will have a slight color change due to different temperatures, but it will not affect the overall color.

Order Packaging

As a wholesale supplier, we do business differently than most retail supply stores. We make every effort to keep costs as low as possible for our customers, and in doing so we have found that each size/quantity of individual bags requires an increase in the price of packing supplies and labor costs.

We now provide services sorted by size/quantity/process for a small fee.


Missing Items or Wrong Order

Please check your order once it arrives and if we have made any mistakes please let us know within 7 days of the delivery date. Unfortunately, we do make mistakes, which we will gladly correct if we are promptly notified.


Refunds, cancellations and exchanges

Before your goods are shipped, you can refund and cancel your order at any time, but we will charge a small amount of labor costs according to your order status. If you find that you want to apply for a replacement after receiving the product, you need to send the complete product package back, and you need to pay the shipping fee for sending it back.