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Silicone Beads Wholesale

Melikey is proud to be the leading food grade silicone beads bulk supplier.Our bulk silicone beads wholesale are made from 100% food grade silicone, BPA and phthalates free. Tested by FDA/CE/EN71 and other safety standards. we bulk silicone teething beads: popular 15mm silicone beads bulk, silicone letter beads bulk, round silicone beads, hexagonal silicone beads, animal silicone chew beads and other silicone teething beads bulk of various sizes, shapes and colors.

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Melikey is silicone beads manufacturer, China beads wholesale supplier, cheapest place to buy bulk silicone beads. Complete equipment and efficient staff to bring the best service to customers. According to your wholesale bulk silicone beads order, we can give you cheap silicone beads bulk cheap price. We also provide the service of packing the specified number of wholesale silicone beads per small package, which is convenient for you to sell silicone beads for teething wholesale. We pack silicone beads in bulk to easy transportation.

Melikey as the leading silicone beads supplier and silicone bead manufacturer. We are committed to providing high quality soft silicone beads and cheap bulk silicone beads. We offer one-stop service of silicone teething beads wholesale. We welcome custom silicone beads services, and supports customizing the color and size of silicone beads wholesale. Welcome to contact us to inquire about buy silicone beads.