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Melikey is a leading silicone baby teething beads supplier . Specializing in wholesale and customization services, we offer flexible order quantities and personalized silicone beads solutions. Whether you require bulk purchases or customized products in specific colors and shapes, Melikey is poised to meet your needs.


Gentle and Safe: Made from premium silicone, our teething beads are BPA-free and designed to provide a soothing touch for your baby’s delicate gums.

Vibrant and Stimulating: These silicone chew beads come in an array of vibrant colors, engaging your baby’s senses and encouraging tactile exploration, stimulating their development.

Comfortable to Chew: With their soft texture and chewable design, these silicone teething beads are perfect for babies to gnaw on, providing relief during those uncomfortable teething phases.

  • Product Name: silicone bottle beads
  • Material: Food Grade Silicone
  • MOQ: 100 pcs
  • Weight: 3 g
  • Price: USD 0.3
  • Custom: YES
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    The Perfect Baby Essential - Silicone Teething Beads


    Discover the must-have addition to your baby's essentials with our Silicone Baby Teething Beads. Beyond mere teething relief, these beads offer a world of benefits for both babies and caregivers.


    Ideal Baby Gift: Consider these teething beads as a thoughtful gift for new parents, showcasing your care for their baby's comfort during this crucial phase.

    Easy Maintenance: Effortlessly clean and maintain these beads, ensuring lasting hygiene and peace of mind for parents.

    Versatile and Fun: Not limited to teething, these beads double as sensory toys, igniting your baby's imagination and aiding in their sensory development.


    Product Name                       Silicone Bottle Beads                                      
    Material Food Grade Silicone
    Weight 3g
    Color Multi- colors
    Custom YES 

    Wholesale Comfort - Silicone Teething Beads for Business


    Bulk Convenience: Purchase in wholesale silicone baby products quantities for your business, ensuring consistent stock of these popular teething beads, catering to parental needs.

    Trusted Quality: Our wholesale teething beads retain the same high-quality standards, assuring your customers of safety and reliability with every purchase.

    Boost Sales: Enhance your baby care section with these sought-after teething beads, attracting customers and boosting your business's sales potential.

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    1. Are silicone teething beads safe for babies to use?


    •  The majority of silicone teething beads are considered safe as silicone material typically does not contain BPA, PVC, or other harmful substances. Ensure purchasing from reputable brands that meet safety standards.


    2. How do I clean silicone teething beads?


    •  Most silicone teething beads can be hand-washed with mild soapy water or placed in the dishwasher. Ensure following the cleaning instructions provided by the manufacturer.


    3. At what age can babies start using silicone teething beads?


    • Typically, babies can start using silicone teething beads during the teething phase (usually around 3 to 7 months). However, it’s best to seek advice from a pediatrician or a professional before use.


    4. Do silicone teething beads help with teething discomfort?


    •  Many parents find silicone teething beads helpful in alleviating discomfort associated with teething. They offer a soft chewing surface that aids in soothing gum pain and discomfort.


    5. What should I look for when buying silicone teething beads?


    •  Opt for teething beads made from BPA-free, food-grade silicone, ensuring durability, ease of cleaning, and compliance with safety standards.


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