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Melikey is your trusted manufacturer of Bulk Baby Rattle Teethers. We offer flexible wholesale options, along with personalized silicone teether customization services, providing tailored solutions for our clients. Our commitment lies in fulfilling your business needs by delivering diverse and high-quality Baby Rattle Teether products

Safe & Comfortable: Crafted from food-grade silicone, our baby teether toy provides a soft and safe experience, meeting the highest infant safety standards. This teething accessory ensures a worry-free exploration, allowing your little one to chew and play without any concerns about safety. Its non-toxic, odorless composition guarantees peace of mind. 

Multiple Functions: The fusion of wooden rings and silicone teething material grants this bracelet dual functionality as a teether and a delightful rattle. Soothing teething discomfort while offering a playful experience, this versatile teether ring engages your baby’s senses, providing comfort and joy during playtime. 

Sensory Stimulation: Intricately designed, our silicone teether rattle stimulates multiple senses. The textured surface aids in soothing gums during teething, promoting relief, while the gentle rattling sound captures your baby’s auditory curiosity, encouraging exploration.

Reliable & Durable: Our premium materials ensure both durability and ease of cleaning, guaranteeing prolonged use without damage. The lightweight design makes this teething bracelet a convenient companion for both home and travel, ensuring your baby’s comfort wherever they go.


  • Product Name: Silicone Rattle Teether
  • Material : Food Grade Silicone
  • Feature: BPA Free, Food Grade
  • MOQ: 50pcs
  • Unit Price: USD 1.7
  • Custom : YES
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    Why Choose Melikey Bulk Baby Rattle Teether?


    1. Diverse Customization Services: As the Bulk Baby Rattle Teether manufacturer, we specialize in offering diverse customization services. Our focus is on providing personalized solutions for our clients, from specific designs to material choices, catering to your exact requirements.

    1. Flexible Wholesale Options: We provide flexible wholesale options to meet various B2B bulk demands. Whether you require large quantity orders or smaller batch purchases, we can accommodate your needs.

    1. Safety and Quality Assurance: Our products emphasize safety and quality, crafted from soft, safety-compliant materials. We prioritize not only the tactile feel of our products but also their safety and reliability.

    Choosing Melikey ensures access to high-quality, safe, and reliable Bulk Baby Teether, along with professional and adaptable services. Whether it's wholesale options or personalized customization, we are committed to providing you with the finest solutions."

    Product Description


    Product Name                       Baby Rattle Teether                          
    Material Food Grade Silicone
    MOQ 50 pcs






    Product Package

    baby teether package
    silicone teether pacakge

    We specialize in providing highly personalized silicone teether packaging solutions to meet your unique needs. We offer a diverse range of packaging options, including boxes, bags, bottles, and more, which can be customized based on your product type and scale, ensuring that the packaging aligns perfectly with your brand image.

    Our packaging can be printed with your brand logo, contact information, and product descriptions, enhancing brand recognition and product appeal.

    Furthermore, we use high-quality packaging materials to ensure the integrity of your products during transportation and storage.

    If you prioritize environmental sustainability, we also offer eco-friendly packaging options, such as biodegradable materials and recyclable packaging.

    Our professional team will collaborate with you, providing advice on packaging design and material selection to ensure that your silicone teether packaging stands out in the market, meets customer demands, and strengthens your brand image.

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    baby rattle teether


    soft baby rattle toy


    rattle toy for baby



    Q: How safe is this baby rattle teether?

    A: Our product is made from food-grade silicone, meeting the strictest safety standards. It's non-toxic, odorless, and completely safe.


    Q: How to clean and maintain this baby rattle teether?

    A: The product can be gently cleaned with warm water. Regular inspections are recommended, and exposure to extreme temperatures should be avoided.


    Q: Can different colors or shapes be customized for this bulk baby rattle teether?

    A: Yes, we offer personalized customization, allowing for colors, shapes, and sizes tailored to customer preferences.


    Q: What is the minimum order quantity for this wholesale baby rattle teether?

    A: While we support small-scale orders, the minimum quantity depends on specific customer needs and customization requirements.


    Q:What is the shelf life of this bulk baby rattle teether?

    A: Typically, the shelf life of the product depends on storage and usage conditions but generally boasts a relatively long expiration period.

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