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Do you have a teething infant? In an attempt to help soothe your child’s discomfort are you using teething rings? While some of these rings have been around for years, and can be great at soothing an upset infant, they may not always be safe for your child if they aren’t used in a specific manner.

Here are some tips on how you can use teething rings safely:

Do not freeze
Despite the facts that many people may have done this over the years, and that cool objects could relieve the discomfort of sore gums, we cannot recommend freezing teething rings. Frozen rings can potentially become very firm and injure your child’s gums, having the opposite effect of the one desired. If that weren’t bad enough, constant exposure to the extreme cold could cause frostbite. Instead of freezing, you can put the ring into your fridge.

Stay away from harmful chemicals and liquid-filled rings
While this may seem obvious, some teething rings contain chemicals like phthalates that can leach out over time and become ingested. In that same vein of though, certain liquid-filled rings were recalled in the past due to potential bacterial contamination. When your child repeatedly chews on it, he or she could cause it to rupture and accidentally consume some of the liquid.

What The FDA Has to Say About Teething Rings

The FDA warns parents and caregivers that much of what is being sold as “teething jewelry” may not be safe for young children or those with special needs who may be seeking a sensory stimulation aid. Often made from materials like amber, marble, these necklaces and bracelets have been increasingly found to be a choking hazard, or a source of injury and infection to the mouth and gums—even when used according to manufacturer’s suggested uses. This warning also extends to commercially available teething creams, gels, and sprays.

The suggestion is that these less-durable alternatives to the plastic and rubber found in traditional infant-teething devices can break down and break off in the user’s mouth. Similarly, the fastening systems and binding agents used can be an ill-fit for young wearers and, when coupled with the stress and strain of use, can cause a strangulation risk. Even if the item is used properly and does not break down, the risk of injury and infection remains high given the direct path that contaminants are given to the body through oral contact.

Proponents of these items (also often retail providers of the items) provide lots of counter-warning opinions—even going as far as to suggest that the Succinic acid (present in the Baltic amber used for these pieces) provides not only teething relief through manipulation but also an analgesic agent when absorbed through the mouth. This claim is entirely unsubstantiated by the FDA, and only addresses one of a number of manufacturing approaches for these items. The bottom line is that, whether through improper use or substandard manufacturing, these items can present a genuine risk to users. When alternative options exist, we just don’t see the point of taking such a risk.

Safe Solutions to Relieve Teething Pain

You’ll be pleased to hear that among all of the warnings associated with alleviating teething pain, we’re happy to share a number of alternatives to teething jewelry you can use to bring about the relief you’re seeking for your little one:

Talk to your pediatric dentist about manual massage techniques for the gums and teeth to relieve pain from pressure and swelling
Use a cold, wet washcloth with gentle pressure to relieve local pain.
Make regularly scheduled appointments with a qualified pediatric dentist to be proactive with your oral health habits and prevent pain-causing conditions from developing.
Use teething rings or other approved teething items made of food grade silicone—just be sure that they are only used under caregiver supervision, and that the material is not frozen or too rigid (as this rigidity can cause oral injury).

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