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Silicone teethers have gradually become the preferred choice for parents to provide risk-free and safe soothing comfort for their infants. Silicone teethers are made of food-grade silicone, which is a completely safe silicone that is compatible with food. These are non-toxic teethers.

Silicone is unique because it comes without all the danger to health that plastics have. These dangers include harmful chemicals in plastic teethers which are BPA, PVC, phthalates. Research has shown that these chemicals can cause hormonal changes that in turn lead to neurological, developmental and reproductive harm.

A baby’s health is delicate as their entire system is in the developmental stages for the most part of their childhood. Therefore, parents must take extra care of what they come in contact with, especially what enters their mouths.

What is Silicone?

Silicone is not plastic. Silicone possesses the following similar properties to plastics which include clarity, malleability, temperature resistance, flexibility and water resistance. These properties make silicone classified as a middle ground between rubber and plastics.

However, what truly differentiates silicone is its composition which is a Silicon and Oxygen backbone with organic side groups attached to the silicon atom.

Other Characteristics of Silicone that make it so unique include:

• Silicone does not support microbial growth

• Silicone causes no known allergies.

• Silicone exhibits resistance to oxygen, ozone and Ultraviolet light (UV)

• Silicone exhibits low chemical reactivity and low toxicity

Silicone is used across various fields for different purposes because of these peculiar qualities.

It is used in the electrical industry, automotive, medicine and dentistry, textile and paper, household, and so on. It is no wonder it is equally applied to create safe, chewy, soothing baby teethers.

Is silicone safe for babies?

The answer is Yes! Here are the benefits of Silicone Baby Teethers:

Wholesale silicone teethers  are freezer and dishwasher safe

As a direct result of silicone’s distinguishing properties, it can easily be washed or cleaned always. Soaps or cleaning agents cannot leach into the teether or be retained on the surface. Hence, you can use any cleaning measure without worry.

Silicone is suitable to place in the freezer because its composition is unaffected by the temperature change; instead, it serves better to provide soothing relief for your baby.

•Silicone is soft, chewy and durable

The rubbery feel of this substance makes it soft and chewy. While silicone is soothing to bite or chew it is also durable to endure this prolonged distress.

•Silicone has a non-slip surface

Silicone’s elasticity promotes a good grip, so it doesn’t slip from your babies hands.

•Silicone Teethers are safe

Silicone teethers are made from food grade silicone which is an entirely safe silicone that is compatible with food. It is non-toxic, odourless and FDA approved.

Silicone teethers eliminate the danger of choking hazards as they are one piece of soft, chewy, soothing toys. Silicone teethers are hypoallergenic to guarantee your baby’s health.

Silicone teethers are free of BPA, PVC and phthalates. They do not leach out any harmful chemicals and come without any hard or sharp edges.

Many parents prefer Rubber teethers, they are made from latex and considered safer with minimal danger to health. But, some has latex allergies.

Silicone, on the other hand, is a type of rubber that is allergy free and BPA free, so it is the safest choice for babies. It is also washable and can be chilled in the fridge to enhance soothing.

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Post time: Feb-11-2022