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Silicone teething ring is one of the simplest and most personalized gifts you can give. If you can string some beads, you can make DIY teether toys. It's very simple.

Of course, because these are for children, you need to take some safety precautions, but all in all, these handmade gutta-perchas can be assembled in just a few minutes and are strong and durable. Follow our quick and easy tutorial to learn how to make piles of super strong and beautiful handmade teether for your next event, handicraft fair or baby shower.

First, you need to know how many beads are needed to make the tooth ring, which depends on the size of the beads.

Silicone teething beads come in various sizes and shapes, but in a simple bead shape, we have many different sizes and shapes. Be sure to use food-grade silicone beads made for gutta-percha. If they do not have wood, these will be dishwasher safe, otherwise I would recommend simple hand washing.

DIY silicone teething ring is a very interesting thing and very simple.

1. After stringing the 2 mm synthetic thread into a string of beads, pull the loose ends as close together as possible to form a loop. Add any teething pendants you are using. Pull it tightly and knot it twice.

2. Cut it open, leaving a small tail on both sides.

3. Use a lighter to carefully push the ends together to permanently blow the strings. Since this connection is very tight, it must not be used for anything large enough to fit a child's head or neck.

4. Put the melted knot area into the hole of one of the beads and pull until the knot is stuck.
The taunt of the ring will prevent it from being exposed again. And further protect the junction by evenly distributing any stress to the part.

5. Pull the ring several times to ensure a firm connection.

Remember, there are some simple rules for making silicone teething rings:

Keep the teething bead ring tight. You don’t want your little finger to be able to enter between the beads and possibly be pinched, and you don’t want it to be very soft or to be able to wrap around your wrist or any other part of a little person.

Keep the circle small. When finished, the silicone gum should not be larger than a 2 or 3 inch circle. If you want to make a bigger one, you need to prevent any possible strangulation danger.

Tie a knot at the end of the bead chain and fix the ends of the slider together to form a loop and knot end. The chance of you wanting to untie the knot is 0.

Melt and fuse the rope.

Using a 2 mm thick synthetic thread, any larger ones are difficult to string together with beads, and any smaller ones cannot maintain a long enough melt without cooling to fuse properly. If you fuse the ends correctly, it should be able to withstand at least 15 pounds of continuous tension. So it will never separate.

Put the fused knot into the beads. This keeps the knot from any baby chewing, improves the look and helps keep an even pressure on the knot.

Give the piece a good tug to test before giving it to your child. Go ahead pull all you want it will should never ever break or budge no matter how hard you pull. That should give you some understanding of the strength of this method and why it should never be used on larger pieces like necklaces. Give it a good tug, if it feels even slightly loose cut it apart and do it again.

You can add silicone teether or wooden teether pendant to the beads teething ring.

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Post time: Dec-02-2021