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Most babies start teething in the second half of their first year, although some babies start earlier. Once teething begins, it will appear regularly for the first 2 years of life. A suitable toy can help manage the painful symptoms of teething. Safety is most important when choosing a baby teething toy.

What is the safest baby teether?

Safe design to avoid chocking hazard

Avoid necklaces, bracelets and jewelry or any small teething pendant. They may rupture, posing a choking hazard. Babies can also wrap them around their necks. Specifically, there is no evidence that amber tusk necklaces provide pain relief.

Avoid using teeth grinding products that contain batteries.

The battery, battery cover or its screws may pop out and present a choking hazard.

Avoid liquid-filled teething toys.

When the baby bites, they pop, exposing the baby to potentially unsafe liquids.

Best material baby teether in high quality

Try to find BPA-free toys and check for any allergens and irritants. Because many people are allergic to latex, for example, consider avoiding products that contain latex.

There are many safe baby teethers on the market, and they all share some of the same properties.

Baby teether material safety

Generally safe baby teethers are silicone baby teether, wooden baby teether, and knitted teether. The material of silicone baby teether is food-grade silicone, the raw material of wooden baby teether is generally natural hardwood, such as beech, and the knitted baby teether is handmade using 100% cotton.

Their materials are durable and very healthy for babies. It is not easy to breed bacteria, and it can even effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria. And not easy to break.

Has a relatively large size and no small parts

First of all, babies like to put everything they can reach into their mouths to chew, and having a baby teether in a larger size can prevent the danger of accidental swallowing and suffocation. Small parts may be more visually appealing to the baby, but they carry the same dangers.

In addition, you need to know how to use baby teether safely.

Never let your baby play with any teething toys on the bed or alone. This includes the back of the car.

Clean before each use, replace when soiled or dropped, and wash and sanitize.

Babies develop attachments to a range of objects, and different baby teethers work for different babies. If possible, try to provide a variety of baby teether. Many babies love a variety of surfaces, bright colors, and toys that are easy to grip.

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