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Babies usually start teething between 3 and 6 months old, before they're even able to sit up on their own. When it happens, it can upset a distraught baby. We know babies put everything in their mouths, after all it's how they explore the world around them. Oral toys, such as baby teethers, that babies can chew on to relieve sore and sensitive gums. Chewing a teether feels good because it provides counterpressure to the erupting teeth and helps your baby through this often painful phase.

Teething toys can be made from a variety of materials, with untreated natural hardwood, latex, plastic or fabric, EVA, and silicone being commonly used on the market.
As a safe and environmentally friendly material, silicone is naturally resistant to bacteria, mold, fungus, odors and stains. Silicone is also durable and the colors stay vibrant. Silicone teething toys are becoming more and more popular. Silicone also has excellent temperature resistance, so you can boil sterilize silicone teethers or chill teething toys in the freezer for the added benefit of lightly numbing your baby's gums.

Melikey Silicone is a silicone baby products manufacturer. Professional in custom silicone baby products  and custom silicone teethers are one of our main businesses. For customers who want to develop their own silicone teether, this article can be your guide.


1. Things to consider before designing a silicone teether

When you start designing a custom silicone baby teether, there are a few factors you should consider to develop a functional and marketable baby teether.


Target market regulations and safety standards

It is important that you understand the regulations for teething toys in your target market and ensure that your designs meet the required standards.


Find out what customers consider when choosing a teether for their little baby

Here's what customers often consider before buying a teether.

Durability: The teether should be strong and will not break quickly due to continuous chewing, causing the baby to suffocate

SAFE MATERIAL: The teether should be FDA approved, non-toxic, BPA free, phthalate free

Cost: The price of baby teethers should be affordable for most customers

Easy to Grip: The teether should be easy for baby's little hands to hold

Textures: Make sure the teether has a variety of gum-soothing textures

PERFECT SIZE AND LIGHT WEIGHT: The teether should not be too big to hold or too small to cause choking, it should be light enough for baby to hold

MAINTENANCE AND HYGIENE: Dishwasher safe teethers can be steam sterilized in the microwave, or boiled

Refrigeration: Can be refrigerated in the refrigerator or freezer for further numbness relief

Multifunctional: as a teether and toy, enough to attract baby, keep baby happy and busy


Melikey Silicone provides design assistance to customers having issues with 3D CAD models. It would be helpful to the client to provide a hand drawn sketch of what the baby teether will look like. Sketches should be as detailed as possible, with labels explaining various features and functions. Similar product images and physical samples will also be helpful in our 3D work.


2. The production method of silicone teether

Compression molding, overmolding, and dispensing/epoxy are the three main production methods for silicone teethers.

Single-color silicone teethers can be easily molded by compression molding like ordinary silicone products.

However, silicone teething toys, with vivid patterns and various colors, can help mobilize the baby's senses and imagination, and are more attractive, making the baby happy and have something to do.

Silicone overmolding is one of the ways to produce custom teethers in 2~3 colors.

For more colored teethers, dispensing will be a more feasible method of production. However, due to the high cost of dispensing, silicone overmolding is still the most popular production method.


3. Add LOGO to custom silicone teether

For oral contact teething products, printing and spraying are not recommended. Embossed or debossed LOGO is the way of LOGO


4. Our customized silicone teether development process

Below is the production process of our custom silicone baby teether development.

Design Evaluation of Custom Silicone Teethers

When our client completes the design of the teether, our professional engineers will review the design and confirm the feasibility and the best production method.


This phase includes programming, CNC machining and silicone gum prosthesis fabrication. Trial teether samples will be produced and sent to customers for confirmation or testing.

Packaging fluid

Melikey Silicone provides packaging solutions for customers requiring custom packaging. Customers need to provide packaging design.

Mass production

Melikey Silicone provides full-process silicone services from design to mold, from production to packaging, all of which are done here according to your requirements.


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