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Our teething silicone bead bracelet are made of food grade silicone, safe and soft to baby gums, they are nice gifts for teething babies.

How to make silicone beads baby teething bracelet?

All the information for how to make your own DIY bracelet is below...... or, you can contact us to do custom silicone beads teething rings for you.


12x15mm Silicone Round Beads

15mm Beech Wood Round Beads

2x40mm Beech Wooden Rings

One length of 60” cording


Crafting Needle



1. Take your cording and lighter and melt the ends of cord so that it's hard and able to string beads easily.

2. String the 15mm silicone beads onto the cording.

3. Also string the beech wooden teether rings onto the same cord.

4. Tie the string in a double knot, as tightly as you can.

5. Cut off the excess rope at the knots, leaving 0.2 inches in length.

Trim them carefully, and use your lighter to melt the ends back.

6. Pull the knot all the way through the silicone bead, carefully pulling your knot into the bead to hide it.

7. Check if the thread sticks out of the beads, if any, use a lighter to burn them softly and hide them in the beads. Then the silicone beads bracelet is completed.


Small objects and beads can present choking hazards to young children. Never leave a child unattended with beads or other products. Check the product before each use. If the silicone bead bracelet is damaged, please do not give it to your child. Please buy a new one or make a new one yourself.

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As the silicone beads manufacturer in China, Melikey Silicone could supply silicone and wooden baby teethers and beads, handmade pacifier clips, teething bracelets, kids dining sets, and so on. We have full certificates for the products, and ISO9001 for our factory. One-stop cervices are avaialble from 3D products design to mould making, production, custom packaging. For more details or products, feel free to contact us.

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