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As a manufacturer of baby teethers, we receive a lot of orders and send a lot of goods to our customers every day. We are very grateful for your trust, far away from thousands of mountains and rivers, but we still maintain a long-term cooperation, which is really wonderful . Today’s content I will show you how to produce beech teether.


Our organic wooden baby teether and teether rings are made of beech wood. The baby teether made of hardwood is firm and not easy to break or break.

Design 3D drawings

If the customer needs to make customized beech wood baby teether, you need to provide 3D design drawings. If not, it’s okay. Provide pictures and dimensions. Our designers can help complete the 3D drawings. This 3D drawing can be directly used for digital production. manufacture. This process is very simple, our design team will be able to complete the design drawing within 1-2 days. Before designing, we need to determine the detailed information of the product design, so that it is convenient for the designer to draw, otherwise repeated modifications will waste a lot of everyone's time. After the design is completed, we provide a free modification opportunity. If it is confirmed that the design is successful, then it will proceed to the next step: production samples.

Production sample

After our design team completes the drawings, the production department will produce samples according to the drawings. Now that the production is digitized, just upload the 3D drawings, and the production system can cut out the shape of the beech wood baby teether we want. Of course, wood raw materials need to go through a series of cutting processing. Because our production line is always busy, we will produce samples within 7-10 days after completing the 3D drawing.

Mass production

After completing the sample, we can confirm the details of the sample through pictures and videos. Or send it to the customer by express courier. If it is confirmed that there is no problem, it will enter mass production, after cutting, grinding, and polishing.

Laser logo

If you need a laser logo or pattern on the beech baby teether, we can also provide corresponding services. This will be very helpful for brand building, and I always believe that a little bit of difference will also make sense.

Mass production and logo laser are fast, so the whole process can be completed within 15-20 days. If you need our help to produce customized beech wood baby teether, please feel free to contact us.

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